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Well i gess that this year ill be getting a hostter for my site so i think il be using googlesites for a while so when i finish with this i will be begin with my own site

Somthing else
in few weeks or the next week i will be addin on a new loop called the last Battle based on the legend of zelda series in instrumental group with some people around

so i hope you wait for it

More information will be added the day of its submit

Jennel j Joseph

Well in a few weeks ill be finishing the spanish version on so when i finish with that i will be promoting some games ifound

Have you ever lisent about Counter Strike well i will be posting some info about it know you can have it for free in networksoft.

All Zelda series willbe added in this package
from the first to the lastest

without thier respective emulators
there are more games also

you dont have to pay to take these items it willbe free after spanish and english webs version complete
thats all
Now check out my New subminisions on newgrounds.

Good luck

Greetings Crazyfo1
Betterhanyou.its a joke

This is the final

2009-10-31 00:31:10 by crazyfox1

well i´m just telling to all you that i finally will be creating networksoft site in english & spanish version
the actual site will be my temporally info site it will be called infonetworksoft so ill be posting many updates on it

so i willbe adding my first audio file in the rest of the week it willbe called "the voice of the heaven"
pleasy enyoy it.....

and is all for today.

this it was because it takes more time to upload the settings so it will be offline almost than five to ten moths aprox.
sorry guys but you will need to wait more time but

i just can let you without the spanish one
if you have an google account you can let comments in the site

it just called Networksoft
in the end of next week you may olso found it in

new page coming soon

2009-09-03 09:28:45 by crazyfox1

tihs is just for spanish people thi think is that i will be posting some games i found on the inernet without thier updates.....networksoft in spanish version
be sure you have angoogle account

and the page for englis version will be in spaces it also called networksoft3000

be sure you have an windows live account